2R Rel Documentation

The reliability module can run the following simulation-based analysis methods for limit state equations involving random variables with known distributions:

  1. Monte Carlo
  2. Latin Hypercube
  3. Orthogonal Latin Hypercube
  4. FORM
  5. Importance Sampling
  6. Subset Simulation

All analysis types are carried out by a thread pool where possible, which insures that all of the available processors are used in an optimal way. Thus, it runs the simulations one after the other if the machine has a single-core processor (Pentium IV, AMD64, etc), but it handles multiple cores if present (Core2Duo, i7, AMD X2, etc) to run simulations in parallel. For example, a quad-core processor allows the module to perform 4 simulations at once, making the entire process 4 times faster than with Mathematica, Mathlab, or any other script-interpreting software package.


Sample Report

You can generate analysis reports just like this one

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