2R Data Documentation

This module runs the following analysis types over data sets:

  1. Basic single-series analysis.
  2. Bootstrap analysis of a series.
  3. Correlation analysis between two series.
  4. Regression analysis between two series.
  5. PCA (Principal Component) Analysis between 2 or more series.
  6. Clustering (K-Means, K-Medoids, Dendrogram, Spectral).
  7. One-Way and Two-Way ANOVA with Tukey procedure where relevant.

Time series analysis algorithms are also available:

  • Auto-Correlation and Cross-Correlation.
  • Fourier Transform (real parts, imaginary parts, and intensity).
  • Moving Average.

All analysis types are carried out by a thread pool, which insures that all of the available processors are used in an optimal way. Thus, it runs the simulations one after the other if the machine has a single-core processor (Pentium IV, AMD64, etc), but it handles multiple cores if present (Core2Duo, i7, AMD X2, etc) to run simulations in parallel. For example, a quad-core processor allows the module to perform 4 analysis iterations at once, making the entire process 4 times faster than with Mathematica, Mathlab, or any other script-interpreting software package.


Sample Report

You can generate analysis reports just like this one

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