Download 2R Soft Documentation

We have made a great effort to come up with a documentation that doesn't only cover how to use 2R Soft, but can also be used as a learning tool. The theory behind every analysis type is explained in the documentation so that anyone can familiarize with new concepts and put them to practice through the use of the program. While these documents ARE INCLUDED IN THE SOFTWARE INSTALLER AND CAN BE ACCESSED THROUGH THE HELP MENU OF EACH MODULE, we are providing a direct download link to these documents for your convenience:

2R Data Documentation

2R LCA Documentation

2R Net Documentation

2R Rel Documentation

2R Sim Documentation

Download 2R Soft v18.1 (2R Data+2R LCA+2R Net+2R Rel+2R Sim)

Windows Version: Download

Mac Version: Download

Linux Version: Download

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