Note: most files provided by us are compressed in RAR format. To extract their contents, you need 7-Zip on Windows or the unrar package on Linux (sudo apt-get install unrar).

Our Core Executables

FourthPartyMobile - source code

FourthpartyServer - source package contains Log2Sqlite source code as well (binary, source+binary)

Our Tools

CrawlGenerator - converts a list of URLs into an chain of HTML files that automatically launch the URLs on a separate tab (binary, source+binary)

Log2Sqlite - utility to convert a FourthpartyServer log file into a SQLite database automatically (binary)

Third-Party Executables

Android SDK we used - android-sdk_r21-linux.tgz

Firefox Mobile nightly builds we used - Installer 1 ( for most devices and Installer 2 ( for ARMv6 devices.

Mozilla Add-On SDK we used - mozilla_addon-sdk-modded.rar

Fourthparty code we used for Desktop crawls - fourthparty.rar

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