I took 6 courses at Princeton University:
  • Fall 2012 - COS432 Information Security (info here) taught by Professor Edward W. Felten

  • Fall 2012 - COS597D Privacy Technologies (info here) taught by Professor Arvind Narayanan
    Final Project: FourthPartyMobile: A Privacy-Aware Mobile Web Crawler! (see paper here, project website here)

  • Spring 2012 - COS461 Computer Networks (info here) taught by Professor Jennifer Rexford

  • Spring 2012 - COS435 Information Retrieval, Discovery, and Delivery (info here) taught by Professor Andrea LaPaugh
    Final Project: Tonify: The Tone-Conscious Search Engine! (see paper here, try it out here)

  • Fall 2011 - COS518 Advanced Computer Systems (info here) taught by Professor Michael J. Freedman
    Final Project: Live Migration of an Entire Software-Defined Network (see paper here)

  • Fall 2011 - ELE580 Trustworthy Computing (info here) taught by Professor Ruby B. Lee
    Midterm Project: A Brief Tutorial on Live Virtual Machine Migration From a Security Perspective (see paper here)
    Final Project: Characterizing the VM-Hypervisor Attack Surface (see paper here)