Post-Princeton Publications:
  • Jakub Szefer, Pramod Jamkhedkar, Diego Perez-Botero and Ruby B. Lee, Cyber Defenses for Physical Attacks and Insider Threats in Cloud Computing, in Proceedings of the ACM Symposium on Information, Computer and Communications Security (ASIACCS), June 2014. (Read it here).
  • Pramod Jamkhedkar, Jakub Szefer, Diego Perez-Botero, Tianwei Zhang, Gina Triolo and Ruby B. Lee, A Framework for Realizing Security on Demand in Cloud Computing, in Proceedings of the International Conference on Cloud Computing Technology and Science (CLOUDCOM), December 2013. (Read it here).
Between December 2011 and June 2013, I worked with Professor Ruby B. Lee from Princeton University's Electrical Engineering Department on research related to Cloud Computing Security as a member of the PALMS Security Group. My Master's thesis, Pwnetizer: Improving Availability in Cloud Computing through Fast Cloning and I/O Randomization, proposes a novel VM Cloning technique for increased security in the Cloud. You can read it, see the talk slides, watch a quick demo video, or visit the project's website.

I published two papers while studying at Princeton University. As part of my Master's thesis, I carried out a study of Hypervisor vulnerabilities, titled Characterizing Hypervisor Vulnerabilities in Cloud Computing Servers, which was published in the 2013 International Workshop on Security in Cloud Computing (ASIACCS-SCC). You can find it here. Meanwhile, my COS597D Privacy Technologies course project, FourthPartyMobile: A Privacy-Aware Mobile Web Crawler!, led to a paper titled Shining the Floodlights on Mobile Web Tracking - A Privacy Survey, which was published in Web 2.0 Security & Privacy 2013 (W2SP). You can find it here.

My work with Professor Yezid Donoso as a Systems and Computing Engineering student at Universidad de los Andes, titled VoIP Eavesdropping: A Comprehensive Evaluation of Cryptographic Countermeasures, was published in the Second International Conference on Networking and Distributed Computing (ICNDC2011). You can find it here.

From August 2009 to August 2011, I worked as part of the Risk and Reliability Group of the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department at Universidad de los Andes under the supervision of Professor Mauricio Sanchez-Silva. During that time, I was able to combine both of my majors, Civil Engineering and Systems and Computing Engineering, in the development of a software suite that is now commercially registered under the name of 2R Soft (